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Throwing a successful party takes planning. One of the most important decisions is choosing how to keep food and drinks at the perfect temperature. Cool Room Hire Brisbane has very affordable price options to suit any event budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Coolroom?

How Much Does It Cost
to Hire a Coolroom?

The cost of hiring a trailer cool room in Brisbane depends on several factors. The final cost will be determined by the location, length of hire, coolroom size and time of year. But it’s always best to get a quote to get the most accurate pricing, as cool room price lists on websites can often exclude hidden charges.

Coolroom Hire Trailers Come in Handy Sizes

Small Low Line Cool Room or Freezer

6ft x 4ft (1.82m x 1.21m)

2.0m High

Small Cool Room Or Freezer

6ft x 4ft (1.82m x 1.21m)

2.4m High

Compact Cool Room Or Freezer

Internal Dimensions

Length: 1.94m x Width 1.34m

Height: 1.4m

Volume: 3.6 m3

Walk-in Cool Room Or Freezer

Internal Dimensions

Length: 1.94m x Width 1.34m

Height: 1.84m

Volume: 4.7 m3

At Coolroom Hire Brisbane, there's a cold room size for every guest list.

Equipment Maintenance and

Equipment Maintenance
and Cleaning

All coolrooms receive thorough professional cleaning between each use. Equipment is also regularly serviced to maintain optimal performance.

Insurance Coverage During Rental Period

Insurance Coverage
During Rental Period

Adequate public liability insurance is included in all bookings, covering events against unforeseen incidents.

Why Cool Rooms Are
Worth It?

Why Cool Rooms Are Worth It

Replacing warm or spoiled foods costs far more than affordable hiring. Coolrooms ensure safe, quality ingredients are smoothly served at peak freshness all day long. They also help minimise the risk of foodborne illnesses, ensuring the health and satisfaction of event attendees.

Compare Options and Book Online

Compare Options and Book Online

Secure bookings can be done through Coolroom Hire Brisbane’s convenient website or quote forms. Our professional service handles booking start dates and set-up to pack up hassle-free.

Now you’re fully informed on affordably keeping events safe and delicious thanks to Coolroom Hire Brisbane’s temperature control expertise. Rely on our professionals for easy, budget-friendly coolroom hire this season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size coolroom do I need?

A: As a general guide, allow 1-2 cubic feet of storage per person for events under 100 people.

Q: When is my cool room delivered?

A: Deliveries are available 24/7 and we don’t charge additional fees for after-hours or on weekends.

Q: How long can I hire a coolroom for?

A: Rentals can be for a single day or up to 8 weeks. Ask us about getting a cool room quote tailored for your specific event duration.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit and debit cards, including AMEX and even ApplePay.

Q: What happens if it's too hot?

A: Our reliable portable cool rooms are designed to maintain temperature control effectively even on extreme days. Alert us right away if you notice any issue.

Q: Is set-up and pick-up included?

A: Yes, our team will place the coolroom in the desired location in Brisbane or Ipswich and demonstrate how to operate controls. We also clean and collect it once you're finished.

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